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Stick phone to back of a car seat Stick Phone to Any Surface – Is it...

Looking to stick your phone to any surface? Sticking your phone to any surface is very useful as it keeps your hands free wherever you are. While driving, at the gym, on a kitchen cupboard while cooking, on the bathroom mirror while putting on make up and the list goes on.. But is it really […]

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anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard) Best Anti Gravity Phone Grip Pad – Stick...

Are you looking for something that enables you to stick your phone to any surface? Have you been searching for an anti-gravity phone case? If you answered yes to either of the above, then you’re in the right place. What you ought to know about is a revolutionary anti-gravity phone gripping device, named GRIPAD™.   […]

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Looking for the best car cradle for your...

The image above looks familiar? Have you tried any of these car cradles or car mounts recently and got disappointed? We know the feeling, we tried them all as well and we also got disappointed, most of them are quite bulky & fiddly, some of them don’t have a strong grip, well, at least not […]

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