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The Basics

Get to know GRIPAD™ better

On which surface can GRIPAD™ be used?

GRIPAD™ can be used on any smooth and clean surface — including glass, plastic, tiles, metal, and wood.
See our images of the most common surfaces used with GRIPAD™.
For maximum grip always ensure the surface is completely free from dirt & dust.

How does GRIPAD™ work?

GRIPAD™ is manufactured using the latest technology. Both front and back of the product are made of Polyurethane Gel, or PU for short. We spent huge amount of time & effort researching and refining the perfect formula for our PU gel.
The back of the GRIPAD™ (the side that sticks to the back of your phone) has a greater gripping power, which ensures the GRIPAD™ stays firmly gripped to your device when you detach it from its mount position.

How strong is GRIPAD™?

Very strong! GRIPAD™ can hold up to 1KG in weight. So it can securely hold all of the latest (and legacy) mobile phones and tablets very easily.

anti-gravity phone case, mount, holder, skin, cover. Stick device to any surface (wall, car dashboard)

Why is GRIPAD™ so special?

First of all it’s extremely small, light, and portable. It travels with you so you’re able to use it whenever you need.
Also, most of other mobile mounts lose their gripping capabilities when exposed to dust & dirt. But GRIPAD™ features a protective cover which helps maintain its stickiness without the need of cleaning it.

Is there any other reason why it’s so special?

YES! GRIPAD™ can be used not only as a mobile device mount, it can be used as a mobile phone stand. Set the front side to a suitable angle, place your phone on its side and voila! You’ve got yourself a phone stand as well.

How to use GRIPAD™?